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Making Life Simplified For Everyday Living

Sunday, January 15, 2008

Making Life Simplified For Everyday Living

Take Responsibility

Identify your personal values and write down the ones that matter most to you. List them in terms of priority. Is accumulating wealth and possessions at the top of your list? Having more time to spend with friends and family? Advancing your career? Committing to better health through diet and exercise? Travel? You can't devote time and energy to everything at once, so it's critical that you identify what is important to you and begin to eliminate activities that aren't consistent with these values. ("We can't do everything at once, but we can do some things at once." Woodrow Wilson)
Set goals for yourself. Focus on a short list of goals you'd really like to achieve. Outline steps for achieving these goals and make a commitment to accomplish at least one task toward each goal every day.
Delegate. Non-priority activities can steal away hours of precious time better spent on developing your goals and projects. Assign routine tasks to others. A few examples might be hiring a housekeeper twice a month or delegating clerical or administrative tasks to a personal assistant.
Just say no. Your time is valuable. Don't take on more responsibility just to please others. Realize you have the right to live life your way.
Spend time wisely. Cut back on the number of hours you spend watching TV. Cancel subscriptions to magazines you never get around to reading. Remove your name from catalog mailing lists. Limit the amount of time you spend mindlessly surfing the Internet.
Organize your space. Eliminate clutter and clean out your closets, basement, attic, and garage. Organize your office space. Sell or donate items you never use that are just taking up space. Hire a professional organizer to help you make decisions on how to store belongings and find items quickly. Make room to breathe and reduce your stress and increase your energy!
Take time for you. Engage in at least one activity per day just for fun. Exercise, enjoy a hobby, go to the movies, and spend time with friends.

Remember – the hardest part is just getting started!

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