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  Get Squared Away Inc.


  Anna Kurylo
I specialize in helping you achieve a simpler,
more productive work space. I look at ways to
improve your current work flow and the systems you
have in place; discuss your needs and your
priorities; look at your goals; teach good time
management principles and also teach about healthy
boundaries. I do hands-on organizing and will come
in and help you to simplify and have time for
yourself. If you are interested in having me come
& talk to a group that you belong to, I would
glady do this.

Web Site:
Phone: (780) 717 9306

  Room 2 Organize


  Debi Stephenson
founder/owner of

A love of fashion, design and business, Debi knew
she wanted a career in that area. Unsure what
capacity would best suit her she decided to start
with “Fashion Merchandizing Technology”. Once out
in the work force, Debi worked her way up in the
retail industry becoming an assistant manager,
then manager. It was at that point she realized
there was a lot more involved with running a
successful business. It was at this time Debi
realized that she needed to branch out and learn
all she could about business. This became quite a
learning curve but finally Debi settled on one
particular area. Committed to a position as Office
Manager for a small Steel firm for 11 years she
was kept very busy.

As the years passed Debi was getting restless and
decided it was time to try her hand at something
new, more challenging. An industry that seemed to
be “all the buzz” and that would bring out that
tucked away love for fashion and design once
again. As always this became her new focus. “The
Professional Organizer”

Wanting to know everything about this newly found
gem, Debi returned home receiving her Professional
Organizer’s certificate with “Productivity
Squared” - Montreal, PQ.

In the same year Debi also received her Certified
ReDesign & Staging Specialist (CRSS) certificate
with “Sharp Redesign” - Victoria - B.C.

Jumping in with both feet, Debi formed
“”. Her new company would offer
Organizing (Residential-SOHO-Corporate), Interior
Redesign, Residential Staging and Staging for

Debi became a member of the Canadian ReDesigners
Association (CDRA) and the Professional Organizers
in Canada (POC).

Organizing is a passion of Debi's! She thrives on
the satisfaction of helping others restore order,
balance and the ability to improve their overall
quality of life.

As a wife and mother of two, Debi draws on her
time management skills to balance her passion for
organizing with a busy home life

Web Site:
Phone: (403) 652-6735
British Columbia
Simplified Solutions Professional Organizers  


Wesley and Kelly Brown,
Simplified Solutions Professional Organizers, Specializing in Acquired Briain Injury, Home/Office Organization and Management, Paper Control, Filing Systems and Paper Management Set-Up and Maintenance, Closet Organization, Garages, Attics, Relocations, Estate and Garage Sales, Baby-Proofing and Organizing Children's Rooms.

Web Site:
Phone: (604) 897-4033
  Goodbye Clutter!


  Elinor Warkentin,
Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Need
help making decisions or setting up organized
systems for your home or office? I help busy
homeowners and professionals purge their
unnecessary, unwanted, and excess 'stuff' and move
forward, free of the debilitating weight and
stress of clutter.
Let my 5+ years of experience with over 100
clients help you create more space in your life.
Say Goodbye Clutter! Hello Freedom!

Web Site:
Phone: (604)-683-0898
  Sensible Solutions

White Rock

  Savannah Paine,
Specializing in SOHO and Corporate Organizing and business services.

People call us when they want to tackle the feat of being neat and turn piles into files. We design tailored office procedure systems and our goal is to improve efficiency and increase profit margins.

Web Site:
Phone: 604-219-9944
  Alchemy Organizing


  Baljit (Val) Siekham, FLMI, ACS, AIAA, AIRC

Alchemy Organizing is a professional organizing
company dedicated to bringing out your inner
alchemist. We help you transform the things that
weigh you down and hold you back in your home,
small business and corporation and turn them into
personal gold. We do this by creating unique,
long-term organizing solutions for every aspect of
your life, resulting in more time to enjoy the
truly important things.

Our Approach is simple: we listen to your needs,
understand your personal style and natural
organizing tendencies, and generate optimum
results by offering customized solutions.

Web Site:
Phone: (778)-773-8983
  Interiors by Sharon


  Sharon Tardiff,
Interior consulting services in the areas of
residential organization, interior decorating &
redesign as well as home staging.

Web Site:
Phone: 204.78.8170
New Brunswick  


  Ernesta Satalic-Roy,
Residential Organizing .

Phone: (506)-849-6220
  Finally Organized

Conception Bay South

  Kim Anstey ,
Finally Organized offers confidential & customized
organizing solutions to people who are selling
their homes, downsizing,
individuals and/or families who need to regain
control of their living space.

Getting Finally Organized is a step-by-step
process that involves de-cluttering, implementing
storage solutions, & creating systems that are
tailored to your way of living. The key to staying
organized is the tools & techniques that Kim
Anstey, Professional Organizer, will teach you.

Finally Organized offers a free, no obligation
Idea-Pak filled with over 50 tips on how to get
Finally Organized. Check out the website for free
tips, quizzes & much more!

Web Site:
Phone: (709) 834 6659

FayleSafe Solutions


  Alex Fayle,
Providing House Therapy Residential Organizing Services - help you get the most out of the relationship with your home.

Web Site:
Phone: (416) 778-5371

All In Order
Constance Wrigley-Thomas,
All In Order provides non-judgmental and confidential professional organizing services to help you see the "big picture", set goals, break tasks down into bite-sized pieces and help you achieve order, reduce stress and re-discover your potential. All In Order will provide consultation and hands-on assistance to help you achieve your goals of a stress-free and more productive life. Our Specialty: We love garages! Allow us to help you convert your garage "pit" into an organized and functional "paradise."

Web Site:
Phone: (905) 331-2045

  Organized Assistant Hamilton
Janet Barclay,
At Organized Assistant, we offer a variety of services for Maximizing Your Time and Space. We are committed to providing quality customer service, and you can be assured that your information and that of your clients will be treated with confidentiality. Our professional services are designed to meet your needs and your budget, so contact us today, and learn how you can benefit from having your very own Organized Assistant!
Please visit our website to sign up for our free
monthly ezine.

Web Site:
Phone: (905) 538 1044

  Heritage Organizing Markham
Kathy Dennis,
We specialize in the organization and preservation of photographs, memorabilia, textiles and other family treasures. We also offer residential organizing services - from attics to basements and everything in between.

Web Site:
Phone: (905) 471 4151

  Heart of the Matter Kitchener
Donna and Rhonda provide organizing services in
residential and small office/home office settings.
If you find....
- yourself spending too much time looking for lost items.
- you have piles of paper all over the place.
- your storage areas are overflowing.
- yourself in a life transition that is causing you stress or
- you wish you had someone to help you organize
your life, then please allow us to help you get to
the Heart of the Matter.
We specialize in problem solving and creative
organizing solutions that last!

Web Site:
Phone: (866) 214 6004

  THE Downsizing Diva! Etobicoke
Karen Shinn



There may come a time when you, or someone in your
family, want to Simplify, Organize, Lighten-up
and/or Downsize!

Maybe that time is now and just the thought of
getting started is... overwhelming!
THEN... it's time to call THE Downsizing Diva! and
go from OverWHELMed to... OverJOYed!
THE Diva helps clients "lighten-up" with care,
compassion and, sometimes, comedy!               

Web Site:
Phone: (416)253 1642

  Harmonious Spaces Guelph
Heidi Kachel
Are you tired of wasting time looking
for items? Is the "stuff" in your space crowding
you out? Have you ever watched TV shows where
someone brings order to the chaos and wished that
you could get the services of a Professional
Organizer? YOU CAN!! Help is as close as your phone!

Harmonious Spaces offers a confidential,
non-judgmental approach to helping people conquer
the clutter that has taken over their lives. We
provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Web Site:
Phone: (519) 651 8111

  Room 2 Room Organizing
Patricia John
Would you like to get back to the important things
in your life? At "Room 2 Room Organizing" we offer
organizing services for your home, small offices,
classrooms and school offices. We will provide you
with organizing solutions and systems that will
help bring balance and harmony into your life. By
clearing out and cleaning up the clutter you will
have more time to get back to the people and
things that matter most to you. Let us help you
"Make Room for your Life".

Web Site:
Phone: (905) 391-8801
  Time to Get Organized
Alison King,

We offer customized organizing services for your
home or office tailored to fit your individual
needs . At Time to Get Organized, we are
empathetic, nonjudgmental and discreet. And
we'll fit your busy schedule days, evenings and

Our services include: organizing homes and
offices, time management, paper management,
disposal of confidential documents, clutter
control, and a maintenance plan to keep you on

Phone: (905)-330-3514
Isabelle Lefebvre
  Isabelle Lefebvre
Home Offices
Small Businesses

Web Site:
Phone: (819)375-1951
  Absolute Order
  Peggy Finn
IT'S LIKE MAGIC! We help you find more time for
your family and reduce the stress in your home.

Web Site:
Phone: (306)-652-8055
  Just Organized, LLC
Ruthann Betz-Essinger
I help my residential and business clients get control
over their time, space and activities. I have been in the
business since 1999. I am a member of the National
Association of Professional Organizers.

Web Site:
Phone: (205) 222 0099

Betsy Fein,
Professional Organizing for the home or office!!

Web Site:
Phone: (301) 309 9614

  Restoring Order
Vicki Norris,
Portland, Oregon area - Restoring Order offers home, home-based business and office professional organizing along with time, paper, space, task, and priority management.

Web Site:
Phone: (888) 625 5774

  Everything in its Place Scotsdale
Eileen Roth
Author, Organizing For Dummies(R). 
Professional speaker and consultant on:
- Office Organization
- Time Management
- Home Organization
I help your corporation save time and money
and have better productivity with less stress .            

Web Site:
Phone: (480) 551 3445

  Living Harmony Cambridge
  Erika Salloux

* personal & business organizing
* taking you from chaos to calm

* When we become intentional about our things, we invite in balance,
serenity, and

* Contact me today for a complimentary call to discuss your organizing

* Member - National Association of Professional Organizers

Web Site:
Phone: (617)-945-0704
Top Mastery Consulting, LLC Green Lane
Leslie Robison
Personal productivity and organizational skills
training for individuals and groups in all

Web Site:
Phone: (215) 234 0204

  Organized Happy Helper St. Clair Shores
Debbie Tebbe
Personal productivity and organizational skills
Specializing in residential and business
professional organizing in the Metro Detroit,
Michigan area.  Expertise in home offices, set up
filing systems, organizing all rooms in a home.
Free 1 hour consultation, affordable package plans
and helping all ages of clients, handicapped,
seniors and children.  Expert in computer
technology with training, troubleshooting and
installing software.  Using the latest organizing
tools to implement permanent solutiions.  Flexible
schedules and travel.

Web Site:
Phone: (586) 779 9599

  Organized Interior Designs Lambertville
Nancy Kujda
Residential Organizing-kitchens, closets, home
offices, playrooms. Organizing and space planning
for preparing your home for sale. I also work with
seniors and students. I have 14 years of
experience in interior design and 3 years
experience as a professional organizer.

Web Site:
Phone: (734) 856 3860

  Simply Spacious Living Shelby Twp
  Wauketa L. Thelen
Residential Organizing-kitchens, closets, home
offices, playrooms. Organizing and space planning
for preparing your home for sale. I also work with
seniors and students. I have 14 years of
experience in interior design and 3 years
experience as a professional organizer.

Web Site:
Phone: (586)-797-9752

  Clutter Wizard--Making Order From Chaos Santa Clarita Valley,
San Fernando Valley,
Los Angeles
I'm Bob Farkas, THE CLUTTER WIZARD, a "hands-on"
professional organizer who creates order and
manages all of the out-of-control places in your
home and/or office. I go through years of your
accumulated clutter and weed through papers,
create efficient storage spaces, set up filing
systems, streamline closets and, in general,
create harmonious and productive living and
working environments. And I do it all confidently,
patiently and with a sense of humor. It's a
confidential, painless and comfortable process."

Web Site:
Phone: (661) 298-9100  

  Clutter Wizard--Making Order From Chaos Los Gatos
Pamela Nudelman,
Lecturer and author of The Secret Handbook for
Perpetually Paralyzed Procrastinating Pack Rats
Anonymous, as well as owner of Panacea Home
Staging, Ms. Nudelman gives private consultations
on putting order, balance and control back into
your life. Former clients praise her for her duel
organizational and decorating skills.

Web Site:
Phone: (408) 395 0552

  Time to Organize Shoreview
  Sara Pedersen,
Sara Pedersen is a professional organizer living
in the Twin Cities area. She enjoys helping
clients organize, simplify, and discover time to
do the things they love. Visit her website at for frequently asked
questions about working with a professional
organizer, before & after photos, and more. And be
sure to sign up for our free e-newsletters, full
of great tips and resources!
Web Site:
Phone: (651)-717-1284
  B Organized, Inc.
  Kim Pastor,
I provide customized hands-on organizing and
productivity solutions to people in residential
and business settings. We begin with a thorough
Needs Assessment, followed by a Proposal which
includes an Action Plan that guides the project
and helps the client see exactly how we are going
to make it all happen! I specialize in change
management projects (e.g. relocation, remodeling),
paper flow, and home offices but am trained in all
aspects of home management.

Web Site:
Phone: (612)-990-6183
  Simplicity Professional Organizing
St. Croix
  Mary K. Speaks,

Katie Anderson, an experienced professional
organizer in residential and commercial
environments, brings youthful energy and
enthusiasm to every project. Her keen eye and
strong work ethic means your project goes from
chaos to calm in an efficient and affordable
manner. Katie's goal is to bring order and
serenity back into the lives of her clients by
creating new systems that work for them — not
the other way around. Her work is always
confidential and non-judgmental.
Web Site:
Phone: (651)-216-1754
  Organized to the Core
Mendota Heights
  Tami Gallagher,

We help busy families, especially ones that may
have a particular challenge or situation, gain
control of their time and clutter so they can
enjoy each other and life! All aspects of
residential organizing offered. Time management
specialists. Workshops, support groups, and
speaking available. Employee benefit program for

Web Site:
Phone: (651)808-3550
  A-Z Personal Organizers
  Tracy Carroll,

Your A-Z Personal Organizer is your solution to
personal, small business and corporate
organization! You will be delighted to know that
your FREE ONE HOUR will include a Needs
Assessment and Action Plan. Never any surprises!

No project is too small or too big for these
experienced gals.
Get your life back and Love the life you live! We
will help you stay organized for years to come!
We offer Hands-on and instructional organization.
Our Organizational coaches are trained in all
areas of organizing, decorating, re-location,
remodeling, downsizing, public workshops and so
much more. Most importantly you can be assured
that your project will be completed in a
professional and timely fashion. Affordable
payment options are available. We offer Senior
discounts, referral programs, and employee benefit
packaging. We promise you will be 100% satisfied!
We service several states.

Web Site:
Phone: (320)-272-4977
  Katie Anderson,

I de-clutter home and office spaces, provide
advice on time management, create efficient
arrangements of furniture and frequently used
items, set up organizational systems for files,
hobbies, photos and more. I help clients decide
what is important and useful and what needs to
find a new home. I educate clients on how to put
together emergency preparedness kits for home and

Web Site:
Phone: (816)-373-6155
  Simplicity Please
Trish Turner,
Simplicity Please brings order to chaos in both
residential and office spaces. We work side by
side with individuals, families, and businesses to
create a custom solution that meets your
organizing goals and stays within your budget.
We listen to your needs and together come up with
a system that will work for you. We can simplify
and minimize your clutter and chaos and develop an
organized system that's both stylish and

Web Site:
Phone: (813)-454-4808

  Productively Organized
Land O' Lakes
  Nicole Hoekstra,
Tampa Professional Organizer, Nicole Hoekstra:
Office & Residential Organizing Services. Proudly
Organizing Lutz, Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel,
North Tampa & surrounding areas.

Phone: (813) 746-5644
  Sort-It-Out, Inc. Miami
  Marsha Sims,

Web Site:
Phone: (305) 628 0075
  TidyHabits Inc.
  Josie Lima

Web Site:
Phone: (786)-877-2359
  Apt Organizing Zephyrhills
  Kyna Morrison,
Insured & Bonded for your peace of mind.
Specializing in home organizing & business sytem
Established in 2004, Apt Organizing is committed
to excellence and continues to be an outstanding
business in the Tampa Florida area. Apt Organizing
prides itself on an outstanding record of quality
service as well as 30 years experience in time
management and organization. Our longevity and
experience is a testament to the level of service
and quality you'll get when you choose Apt
Organizing for your residential and commercial
organizational needs. Serving: Pasco, Hernando,
Hillsborough, Pinellas,Polk,Tallahassee & additional

Phone: (813-782-3964) / (877-782-3964) Toll Free Number
  Breathing Space
  Rachel Logan ,

Breathing Space is a professional organizing
service by Rachel Logan in Orlando, Florida. She
specializes in Closets, Home Offices, Garages,
Kitchens, and Bedrooms. Big jobs and small jobs
are no problem, she loves busting clutter! Call
her for a FREE Consultation!

Web Site:
Phone: (407)928-5619
Nebraska The Organization Station Springfield
  Diane Sullivan,
Services I Can Help With: Home and Office Organization, Storage Space Organizing, Professional Stager, Organizing Coach, Event/Meeting Planning, Closets and Pantries, Attic Organizing, Basement Organizing, Kitchen Organizing, Moving & Unpacking, File Systems, Paper Management, Time Management, Estate Organization, Workshops, and Public Speaking. Do you have an area in your home or office, which just isn't working for you or do you feel that you just don't have enough time in your day to get everything done? Let The Organization Station help you. I will help you come up with solutions;
you can live with, to make your everyday life easier. I would love to give you more time to spend with your family and friends, doing the things you enjoy. Services I Can Help With: Home and Office Organization, Storage Space Organizing, Professional Stager, Organizing Coach, Event/Meeting Planning, Closets and Pantries, Attic Organizing, Basement Organizing, Kitchen Organizing, Moving & Unpacking, File Systems, Paper Management, Time Management, Estate Organization, Workshops, and Public Speaking.

Phone: (402)-253-8145
  Tranquil Spaces Farmers Branch
Martha Leeper,
Bringing peace and order to your spaces.
- Closets
- Kitchen
- Home Office
- Living Areas
- Laundry Room
- Garage

Web Site:
Phone: (214) 535 8569

  The Orderly Touch, Inc. Hampton
Sherry Lee Denton,
The Orderly Touch provides both
commercial/small business and residential
organizing consultation and services.
Workshops/seminars are offered on a requested
basis and are customized for the audience.

Web Site:
Phone: (770) 707 1044

  Reclaimed Spaces Ringgold
  Annie Thomas-Burke,
Reclaimed Spaces offers a vaiety of homekeeping solutions.
Organizing, Redesign, Staging, Unpacking, Faux
Finishing , Consulting. We serve both the Northwest Georgia area and Southeast Tennessee.
Web Site:
Phone: (423)-544-3784
New Hampshire  
  Chaos County Organizers
  Vicky Campbell,
We provide solutions to clients seeking help
organizing their home or office.

Web Site:
Phone: (603)-723-2642
  Liberating Moments
  Karina Schofield,
Residential organization, coaching, workshops,
retreats and seminars. Also, assisting realtors
and home sellers prepare their home to sell.

Web Site:
Phone: (603)-470-4051
  ReVisions Organizing Solutions
Coeur d'Alene
  Debbie Muthersbaugh
businesses, home offices, filing systems; staging
homes for resale, organizing closets, rooms,
garages; preserving photos, memorabilia.

PERSONAL CONSULTING--Coaching clients in time
management, goal setting, developing a
personal/professional portfolio, color and design

HOMESCHOOL COACHING--Background in teaching shares
from experience to help homeschool families with
curriculum needs, group classes, private

Web Site:
Phone: (208) 818-6728
New Jersey  
  Clear Aim Marketing and Organizing, LLC  
Janice Doyle,
Marketing Development & Management,
Coaching & Training
Time Management, Event Planning
Business, Computer, Financial & Credit Organizing,
Home, Hobby & Feng Shui Organizing

Web Site:
Phone: (732) 462 2874
  Ms. Organized Martinsburg
  Charity Wilt,
full service organizing services, concentrating on
busy households and single mother households.

Web Site:
Phone: (304)-268-2748

Calahan Solutions, Inc. Bloomington
Stephanie L.H. Calahan,
Productive & Organized – We’ll help you find your way!™  Stephanie LH Calahan is a dynamic entrepreneur, nationally known speaker, media personality, author, publisher; productivity/organization consultant, and business start-up coach.  As the creator of a number of programs, including and many others, she focuses on helping you identify solutions for the way you think and work. As the founder and CEO of Calahan Solutions, Inc., she and her consultants focus on helping you make the most of your time, space and information. She and her team of experts work hard to help you maximize every hour and every dollar you invest in your business and life... and because they are small business specialists, they are especially attuned to the skills and tools required to make smaller businesses work."My clients' success (as they define success) is my first focus - what their goals are and what they are trying to accomplish. I enjoy seeing my clients soar and reach goals that they did not originally see as possible! It is why I do what I do!"

Web Site:
Phone: (309) 826 5263
  Joe Organizer, LLC Plainfield
Beth Randall ,
We help people organize their homes,
offices, home-based businesses. We offer classes
at local Park Districts and Community Colleges.
We offer presentations on a variety of topics
related to organizing.

Web Site:
Phone: (815) 436 1578
New York  
  Beyond Clutter Albany
  Helen D. Volk,
Talks, workshops, books, small support groups
and sessions with individuals at work or at home
to help them work and live in a de-cluttered,
organized environment. Special services for
seniors who are downsizing and moving into a
retirement community. Helen has authored two
books, De-Clutter, De-Stress Your Life and Beyond
Office Clutter, as well as booklets on organizing
garage sales, files, clothing, photographs and

Web Site:
Phone: (518)-238-3842
  Clean and Clear Solutions Clemons
  Phyllis Lane,
I work in residential organizing including but not
limited to, closets, kitchens, kid rooms and
relocations. I teach you how to declutter, purge,
organize and maintain your space. I help you get
back to the life you love.

Web Site:
Phone: (518)-955-8218
Iowa Organize For Living
Cedar Falls
  Teresa Carr,
Organize For Living creates personalized solutions
for any area of the home. Owner Teresa Carr
excels at managing paper flow, downsizing for
seniors, real-estate staging, and teaching
workshops on a variety of organizing topics.
Web Site:
Phone: (319)-415-3122
North Carolina  
  Order In The House Cary
  Deborah Zechini,
  Help with decluttering the home and setting up
systems that help the homeowner stay organized.
Also, help in the home office with filing systems
and organizing to create a workable environment.

Phone: (919)-465-1094
  Metropolitan Organizing Cary
  Geralin Thomas

Professional Organizing Consultant, Geralin
Thomas, of METROPOLITAN Organizing organizes
individuals, families, and business owners.
Geralin Thomas serves as President for the National
Association of Professional Organizers, North
Carolina Chapter, and is a member of the National
Study Group for Chronic Disorganization.

Web Site:
Phone: (919).380-7718
  e=mc2 organizing & coaching consultants, inc. Gates Mills
Sandra M. Einstein,
All aspects of Residential organizing: Closets, Attics, Basements, Garage, Kitchens, Office, Home Office, Paper Clutter Business organizing Time Management Coaching Chronically Disorganized Specialize in working with adolescents, college students or adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
Public Speaking Workshops

Web Site:
Phone: (440) 423 1787
  Clutter Counseling Powell
Shannon Froehlich, NCC, PC
Licensed Professional Counselor and Professional
Organizer empowering clients to declutter home and

Web Site:
Phone: (614) 516 0559
  A1 ORGANIZING Barnesville
  Holly R. Boyd,
Holly Boyd is an Author, Speaker and owner of A1
ORGANING. She does residential/Corporate
organizing along with Public Speaking & Workshops.
Not only was "Here's Proof! You Can Do It"
Holly's first book in 1992, but it is still her
philosophy today. Her motto is "Purposeful
Placement"... of papers and things to organize
your surroundings and also "Purposeful Placement"
of your time, energy and thoughts to organize your

Web Site:
Phone: (740) 757 2944
  Time and Space Unlimited Baraboo
Penny Johnson,
- Residential organizing
- Small business organizing
- Public speaking
- Writing

Web Site:
Phone: (608) 356 2089
  Domestic Planner Certified Consultant APO
  Miranda Benson,
I provide consulting services by the hour and home
organization parties. Hostesses can earn free
product, half price items, and one hour of FREE

Web Site:
Phone: (913)-538-6035
Western Australia  
  Home Matters Sorrento
  Mrs Marianne Shenton,
An organised home is a happy home.
We create order out of chaos. Reducing clutter and
improving storage. Paperwork organisation.
Prepacking and unpacking house moves.
Consultations on storage. Home skills training.
Adding value to home services. We offer practical
home solutions to use your space and choose your
storage solutions to save time, money and even
maybe your sanity.

Phone: 0408400622
  Essentially Organized Forest Hill
Jennifer O'Dowd
We offer "hands-on" organization for the home and
office, de-cluttering and tidying up, a packing
and unpacking service when moving home, a
concierge and life management service, a new baby
package (to prepare for the new baby and mum to
come home) and hypnotherapy.

Web Site:
Phone: (613) 9802 7248
  In8 Home and Office Organizing Rosanna
MaryAnne Bennie
Home and Office Organizing, Decluttering,
Workshops and Speaking.

Web Site:
Phone: (613) 9457 1807
New Zealand
  Harmonious Living Ltd Te Atatu South Auckland
Michelle Denholm
Professional organisation services specialising in residential.

Web Site:
Phone: 09 834 0447
  More than Moving St Martins Christchurch
  Wendy Davie
Web Site:
Phone: 64 3 3371375
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  Vidaloca Limited Urmston
Gabrielle Mottershead
Feng Shui, De Clutter and Home Staging services  

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