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January Newsletter - Volume 1, Number 1

End the Back to School Morning Frenzy

Back-to-school - it's either a headache or a relief, depending on how you look at it and how prepared you and your child is.

It means shopping for school supplies and school clothes, chauffeuring your kids to and from extracurricular activities, the early-morning madness as you try to get everyone ready and out of the house on time, and getting your kids back into the habit of doing homework and sticking to a schedule. Talk about challenging!

Here are a few suggestions to end the morning madness from:

  • Get ready the night before or sooner. Fifteen minutes before your child goes to bed have them pack everything they will need for the next day in their backpack that might include; school books, notebook, library books, gym clothes, sports equipment, music instrument, etc.

  • Ask your child to pick out the clothes they plan to wear the next day and lay them out on a chair.

  • Decide if your child is buying or taking their lunch. If they are taking their lunch, make it and store it in the refrigerator overnight. If they are buying their lunch, check to see if they have money in their backpack.

  • Set up a launching and landing pad (table, chair, basket, or other container) near the door. Have your child place their backpack and other items at the launching and landing pad.

You can control the kind of day you will have - one that starts calmly or one that starts off crazed and goes downhill from there.

Another way to ensure your mornings are smooth is to make sure your child's room is in order. Creating order in your child's room can seem an impossible task. You set up systems and your child doesn't use them. Why? The way to help your child become more organized is to include them in the process - organizing with them, not for them.

Every child has unique interests, personality, schedules, abilities, social habits and priorities. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when organizing their space.

Once you and your child have created systems that will help your child stay organized, encourage them when they maintain their systems through accountability and reward.

Lastly, are you modeling the behavior you want your child to learn? What does your desk surface look like? Where do you put your clothes at the end of the day? How much stuff are you holding on to that no longer has purpose in your life?

Make this school year the time that you put an end to the morning madness.

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