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July Newsletter - Volume 1, Number 7

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Experts say in spite of all the technological advances, today’s generation receives more information than ever before in history & it’s continually increasing.  The paperless society we had all hoped for didn’t happen & no matter how much we wish the e-mails, telephone calls & snail mail to stop, we need them to keep our businesses from closing the doors. What we can do is take charge & gain control of all the information that we do receive. The solution is simple, however it often gets overlooked or placed on the bottom of the infamous “to-do” list. Yes, let’s all say it together, “getting organized”. We can’t put it off any longer, disorganization comes at a high cost.

Let’s be realistic. How long does it take you or your employees to locate a document? 30 seconds? 2 minutes? 10 minutes or even longer? It is estimated that an average employee will spend 400 hours each year searching for paper documents. Let’s put it into a term that we all can relate to, how much money are we actually wasting? A company with 15 employees, paying an average $10.00 per hour, will waste $60,000 because of disorganization!

Just for a moment, pull this newspaper just below your eyes & take a look at your desk. How many piles of paper are either on your desktop, credenza, chairs or on the floor? Do you have an “IN” box & if so, does everything get put in there because you have no idea where to lay it for the time being? Do you rummage through your drawers to find a pen, sticky notes or a stapler? Are your filing cabinets so full, that if you pulled a file out, 2 or 3 others will follow?

Now, take 5 minutes to walk around your office & scan your employees’ offices or desks. What does their desk say about them? Do they have files piled high? If you had to ask them to look for a particular document, could they retrieve it in 15 seconds or less? When you give them a deadline, do they meet it or are they usually late?  Do they often get overwhelmed & stressed because of their workload?

Clutter, both physical and mental, impedes success in all aspects of work. Chaos, frustration, stress, & anxiety can be diminished once all of the clutter disappears. Being able to focus on what’s really important can help you accomplish success on so many levels. You’ll have more focus, be more productive, have better planning skills & save money. Actually, come to think of it, there are no pitfalls, downsides or bad side effects to organizing.

Don’t feel embarrassed or discouraged that you or your business is in disarray. Some people are born with the “organizational gene”, while others need to learn. Just like communications, marketing, bookkeeping & sales skills are either taught or learned through the daily grind, organization is a skill that must be learned & unfortunately it isn’t part of our educational curriculum. Therefore, you must take the initiative to learn it yourself.

Reprint permission granted in part or whole when the following appears in full:
(c) Copyright 2009 by Kim Anstey, Writer & Speaker Tel: (709) 834-6659

Reprinted with permission from Finally Organized

Simplified Solutions wants to thank Kim Anstey for her support and for being our July 2009 Contributing Featured Writer


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