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June Newsletter - Volume 1, Number 6

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The Organized Assistant Resource - June 2008 - Organizing and Your Computer


Last month's workshop on Organizing and Your Computer went over so well, that we've decided to dedicate this month's issue of The Organized Assistant Resource to that very topic!

We start with an helpful article on Organizing Your Electronic Files, and if you're not convinced that this is important, you should also read The True Cost of Finding that Needle of Information in the Haystack of Data on Your Computer. The third article is a review of a book which explains how your computer can be used to help you organize your life.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Earth Day Garage Sale by donating or purchasing goods or by using Organized Assistant's professional organizing services during the month of April! Kathy King of Body & Sol is well on her way to meeting her fundraising target! If you'd like to make a donation towards this very worthy cause, please visit

Organizing Your Electronic Files

by Janet Barclay

Have you ever wasted valuable time looking for a document on your computer? You know it's "there somewhere" but you just can't seem to find it. You eventually remember to use the Search function, but it takes a long time because you have so many files on your computer, and if you have a large number of documents containing the keyword in question, you spend even more time opening and closing each one until you locate the one you need.

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The True Cost of Finding that Needle of Information in the Haystack of Data on Your Computer

by Dave Paradi

Every day, individuals spend time trying to find information on their computer. With data being created at ever increasing rates, the volume to search through becomes greater and greater. This causes the search times to grow longer and longer. Information workers spend time finding important customer e-mails in the sea of e-mail that they receive, finding key files on shared drives holding thousands of files, finding the right information in long documents and finding relevant information on the World Wide Web. This delay in locating information reduces productivity, delays crucial decisions and increases the chance that work will be done twice because the previous work cannot be located in a timely manner.

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Dave Paradi helps people avoid "Death by PowerPoint" and other electronic sins through his books, workshops and free newsletter at

Book Review: Take Back Your Life! Using Microsoft Outlook® to Get Organized and Stay Organized

by Janet Barclay

For a long time, I believed Microsoft Outlook® to be a powerful yet highly underutilized time management tool, but was frustrated because the courses I took covered only the basics, and none of the books I read went sufficiently in depth to satisfy my desire to use this program to its full capacity. Then I discovered Sally McGhee's book, Take Back Your Life! which outlines steps for creating a system to help you to maximize productivity and take control of your personal and professional life.

Some of McGhee's recommendations are similar to those found in other time management books; for example:

  • Implement personal boundaries to allow scheduled, uninterrupted work time.

  • You can't create more time; you can only make the most of the time you have by setting priorities.

  • Process and organize your e-mail (and paper mail) by following the four D's for decision making (Delete/Do/Delegate/Defer)

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Organized Assistant Resource Centre

You'll find many more ideas for Maximizing Your Time and Space in the Organized Assistant Resource Centre!

Every article published in The Organized Assistant Resource also appears in the Organized Assistant Resource Centre, so there's no need for you to keep your copy of the ezine - simply bookmark the articles you like so you can easily return to them later.

If you've written an article related to productivity, please feel free to submit it for consideration. If selected, your article will appear in an upcoming issue of The Organized Assistant Resource and will also added to the Organized Assistant Article Library. By submitting an article, you acknowledge that you are legally entitled to distribute the work and to allow it to be redistributed, and grant permission to publish it, without monetary compensation, in return for a short bio and link to your website or other contact information. If you would like the article linked to your website, please include that information in your bio.


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Janet Barclay
Organized Assistant
Maximizing Your Time and Space

Reprint permission granted in part or whole when the following appears in full:
(c) Copyright 2011 by Janet Barclay, Organized Assistant.
Reprinted with permission from The Organized Assistant Resource.
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Simplified Solutions wants to thank Janet Barclay for her support and for being our June 2011 Contributing Featured Writer


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