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Emergency List for 72 hours

In preparing for an emergency, a 72 Hour Kit is often mentioned.  This Kit is prepared now in anticipation of emergency evacuation away from your home because of natural or manmade disaster.  The contents of this Kit could help you survive for 3 days (72 hours) without help from government agencies, family or friends. Once a disaster strikes, it's too late to gather these items.  Prepare a Kit now for each member of your family and keep them in a backpack ready to place on the back before you leave the disaster area. 

Column One--What you need to buy and put in each Kit

Column Two-Six--Mark off when Kit is complete for each member of your family or household

Column Seven--Cost of each individual item to pre-plan the budget

Column Eight--Estimated cost to complete each item for all of the Kits for your budget planning.

Purchase items as you can afford them.  Rotate the food every year for freshness and the clothing as clothing sizes change.  Not every Kit will need every item.  Each Kit should have water, food and clothing for the person.  Inside each Kit put an identification label with the person's name, address, telephone number, and emergency contact information and any special medical needs.

Download - 72 Hour Kit Form (Pdf format)


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